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Holistic Personal Training – What Does it Really Mean?

Read on to find out firsthand why Anne Klausner of Exercise With Care is regarded as one of the best personal trainers in Vaughan, and surrounding areas of Toronto, and how she can help you get the results you're looking for and provide you with your best personal trainer experience yet! Then use the free personal trainer gift certificate at the bottom of this page for your first session. You're in good hands with Anne.

So many people shame and judge themselves for not wanting to engage in high intensity cardio based activities – when really – it's just not a good fit for them. Past injuries and age related syndromes, aches and pains can be a real deterrent from trying a new exercise. Moreover, gyms can be intimidating, and personal trainers unsympathetic.

Yet, what if through holistic personal training you could integrate exercise into your daily routine simply by moving correctly and frequently. Even if you spend most of your time behind a desk it is possible to take periodic breaks to stretch and squeeze your muscles. Holistic means embracing the connectedness of all our muscles to each other, to our bones, to our circulation to our heart to our brain and to our sense of well being. Merriam-Webster defines holistic as "relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts". Anne integrates all you need to succeed and attain your goals.

Moving correctly with flexibility, balance and strength is the key to a healthy and pain free life. Our movements should flow easily and without effort or pain. Anne Klausner is a personal trainer who lives in Vaughan, Ontario, within the Greater Toronto Area, and has over twelve years of experience working in physiotherapy facilities. Over the years working with people with physical challenges she has learned to assess, innovate and adapt exercises to the specific needs of each person.

With compassion and expertise, Anne will design an in-home exercise program tailored to your needs. With minimal equipment, which Anne will bring to your home, you can start to improve your health and well being.

Exercise with care is a more natural way to exercise!

"I have enjoyed Anne's therapy sessions for many reasons! Firstly for the fact that through her weekly exercise with care she has helped me and taught me how to allow my body to feel better...which I now can do by myself! Secondly the exercises are not like going to the gym...which I hate. They are gentle movements and Anne understands the dody language and teaches one how to communicate with one's body in a kind way. Anne is a kind, gentle and caring person who has your best interests at heart. I highly recommend that any person aging, who have aches and pains developing, use Anne's services and learn for themselves. There is no room and no need for pain! Call her today!"

Shehnaz Hussain, CEO Intuitive Financial Solutions – Woodbridge, Ontario

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Anne Klausner is an in home holistic personal trainer in Vaughan, serving Toronto and greater Toronto area. Anne comes to you for the ultimate in convenience.

A session with a personal trainer makes a unique gift. If you need to get something special for a friend or loved one in the Toronto and greater areas consider a gift certificate. Call the office at (416) 414-7276 to order today or pass on this special gift certificate for a personal training session.

"I was a passenger in a motor vehicle collision on October 10th 2009, sustained several injuries including an ABI, whip lash to the neck, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, disk herniations in her lumbar spine and worst of all a broken pelvic bone. I worked with Anne K on a one on one basis over the course of my rehab and can confidently say she is the reason I was able to dance at my own wedding in 2012 – and drug free too! I now have a baby boy that I was able to deliver naturally and its all due to Anne's continuous dedication and recommended lifestyle changes. I truly believe she has the power to change your life, she did mine!"

F.Yusuf, 29 – Mississauga, Ontario

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