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Anne Klausner specializes in those 45 years of age and over who need to make a change in their lives. Anne has developed a reputation for meeting your unique goals. If you need to improve your health through exercise, take advantage of her special Vaughan Personal Trainer gift certificate, and you'll see firsthand that a personalized exercise program can give you the results you're looking for. defines holistic personal fitness, as the integration of many other disciplines to help people become and stay mentally and physically fit. According to the New York Times, holistic fitness includes activities such as tai chi, yoga and Pilates. The goal of holistic personal fitness isn't just to increase how many miles you can run or how much weight you can lift; devotees of holistic personal fitness also practice it to improve coordination, flexibility and mental well-being. Holism refers to the belief that health is best obtained when everything is considered, as opposed to just the symptoms of a particular issue. When pursuing holistic personal fitness, you need to consider your emotions and physical environment in addition to your muscle tone and coordination.

"Anne Klausner was my hydro therapist when I was recovering from a hemipelvictic operation. I went to hydro therapy once a week for a full year. I only trusted and wanted to get treatment from Anne because of how professional, knowledgeable and caring she was to me.

"Anne only works in environments that share her philosophies when it comes to helping someone get well. Her patients are her number one priority. She takes time even in her own personal time to research for better treatments and answers to questions unfamiliar with her. She is sincere and very trustworthy.

"Without hesitation I rate Anne a full 10. She earned the highest grade after my first session with her and with my ongoing treatment, she never wavered from her dedication to her work ethic.

" If anyone is looking for someone who thrives on getting you better, look no further and seek Anne Klausner. Her commitment, sincerity and compassion are all ingredients that Anne naturally uses with every treatment she is involved in. It's not about the money and reputation she is looking to enhance. It gives great pleasure for Anne to see a willing patient want to get better and Anne does the best she can to get you there. Give Anne an opportunity to help guide you to better health and you will not be disappointed."

Antonietta Paik – Toronto, Ontario

Work Place Workshops

Look Familiar!?!

Do you and members of your staff spend coffee breaks comparing aches and pains?
You plan to go to the gym after work but something always interferes.

Learn how to exercise at work while at your desk and on routine errands. Frequently activating and stretching of muscles reduces pain and increases blood circulation and energy.

Your employees will feel better, be more cheerful and more efficient. What a great way to improve your company’s productivity.

One 75 minute workshops is $300.
Two 45 minute workshops are $500.

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